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Dec 9, 2012 6:00am EST
the technology and the process of institutionalizing some of these practices can drive the train, to mix metaphors. as we discussed before, once you have white house logs coming out on a regular basis, it is hard not to seek proposals about standardizing the handling of foia request across agencies. we should put on line all foia requests. in this era of big data and big storage, i cannot see any reason why this cannot be done fairly cheaply. it has not happened. maybe some of those and that is happening on a small scale can build up some -- maybe some of those advances happening on a small-scale can build up some momentum. those of the small scale advances that i think are plausible to see happening in becoming four years. >> in the united kingdom, they have a functioning version of the foia model called what do they know? it is fascinating how they are able to make this information available in ways we are working toward now. we are going to open up to questions from the audience. before we do so, there is one person i'd like to recognize who has a comment she would like to mak
Dec 8, 2012 10:00am EST
. you know, we've got great technology that's available. but none of that is worth a damn without the men and women in uniform who are willing to put their lives on the line and help to protect this country. that is the real strength. ^that is the heart and soul of what makes us the strongest country in the world. we owe them as a result of that the finest medical care that this nation can provide. and that's why i'm so grateful that we have the greatest medical healthcare system in the world, right here. and the strength of our system lies in you, and people like you. thousands of dedicated professionals who are committed to caring for our sick and for our injured. it lies with each of you. this, as i have said before, is a place where miracles happen, and you are the miracle workers. today, i want to thank you, along with the entire military medical community, for the exceptional care, the exceptional support you provide our service members, for these men and women in uniform, for their families, and for our military retirees. you give them a second chance at life. this community is
Dec 8, 2012 2:00pm EST
significant improvement in national efficiency that has been brought about by technology and the new fuel efficiency standards that were enacted by the bush administration and were increased by the obama administration. the report is not political in any way shape or form. it endorses things that are supported by the right in some cases and that are supported by people on the left. you cannot just take the parts that you like. you have to take the holistic approach, to maximize u.s. production and to reduce consumption partly by diversifying our transportation sector away from petroleum. the last thing i will say is that petroleum use in transportation is the pivot point of this entire problem. 70% of our use of petroleum in this country is for transportation. transportation is fueled about 93% of the time by petroleum. if you want to reduce the united states' dependence on imported petroleum and the related geopolitical issues, particularly in an issue when rising demand is creating a potential conflict for these resources, then you have to recognize transportation has to be diversi
Dec 9, 2012 2:00pm EST
for the technology that now you see runs ran it through our lives, we never could have done it. the situation in the new york region is really miraculous in so many ways. i think the agency is a great agency. >> let me thank you for your service to the country and as a commissioner of the port authority and in the senate. thank you for holding this hearing. on behalf of the port authority, i want to thank you personally for your tireless support of the port authority in our region. it is a privilege today to testify before you and this is deemed committee. i would also like to think governor's andrew cuomo of new york and chris christie of new jersey for their strong leadership before, during and after super storm sandy. we are lucky to have such remarkable governors to lead through this region. and the executive director of the port authority in new york and new jersey. for those not familiar with the agency, we operate the most important multi mode transportation network in the world. our transportation assets include five airports, three of which comprise the busiest in the count
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4